Saturday, April 28, 2012

When you wake up tomorrow, many are going to be immediately skeptical about Bryce Harper's MLB debut (at the time I'm writing this, his first MLB at-bat was a groundout to Dodger's pitcher Chad Billingsley).  It will be interesting to see what immediate impact a bad, good, or great game will have on the secondary market for Harper's cards.  The above pictured card is currently on Ebay at $1700.  From viewing secondary market information over the years (especially in the case of Harper's teammate, Stephen Strasburg), the first game makes a huge impact to sales overall.  For example, I have seen many auctions end lower than the current bidding due to buyer's remorse.  Harper hits an HR tonight and watch this card skyrocket.  If Harper goes 0-4, those not owning a Harper card will tell you that he's "overrated" and this card ends below $1700 from cancelled bidding.  Folks, remember how old Harper is.  Remember that he doesn't have many professional repetitions against big league pitching.  Bryce Harper will be ok.  Have faith in your collection...have faith in your investments.  A knee-jerk reaction may just cause collectors heartburn in the long run.

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