Sunday, April 29, 2012

So I am seriously considering a website which brings the collecting community together.  I love this hobby.  What I would love to do is create a resource for sportscard and entertainment collectibles.  Of course we have, but to build something that Beckett doesn't have or to simplify it for those who don't enjoy sifting through everything.  One site that will allow you to:

  1. Buy, sell, trade -  like Sports Card Forum, Beckett, etc.
  2. Showcase collectors - Supercollectors, set builders, etc.
  3. Link collectors resources - wholesalers, supply companies, manufacturers, etc.
  4. Box break videos - updated daily with a special page for best pulls.
  5. TTM resources and forum
  6. Secondary market links/information/upcoming auctions
  7. Individual pages where members can upload their collection pics/vids, plus update the community on what they are collecting.
  8. Release calendar information/news
I'm a big fan of Sports Radio's site and their resources, but I'm looking for a cleaner, more organized site.  I would include article submissions from the community members about product reviews.

Your insight is appreciated!  What do you want to see??

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