Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What happened to Upper Deck? 2012 SP Signature Baseball Releasing May 1

So Upper Deck has decided to release 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball by May 1, 2012.  Hmmmm.  No licensing for MLB.  $255 for 3 packs with 3 autographs per pack (9 autos total).  Flashback to 2007 UD Premier Baseball and collectors would be tripping over each other to grab these hobby boxes.  Upper Deck...2012 is completely different for you.  No dice!  Trust me, you won't even see a cut auto in this!

It makes me really think about what Upper Deck once was.  Exclusive deals with the BEST athletes.  Products that no one could live up to.  No one could take down Upper Deck.  How are they going to pull themselves out of this black hole?  Comment/Post your thoughts.

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