Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Collecting Fool's Welcome!

First, I would like to thank all of you for visiting my blog AND official 1st blog post on Blogger!  It is with great pleasure to introduce you to a fun spot for all sorts of collectors worldwide!  Personally, I'm a collector at heart.  I have a quarter of a century experience in collecting.  Beginning at age 12, I frequently visited garage sales, flea markets, and collectors shows looking for "treasure".  Over the years, my personal passion of collecting led me to collect everything from toys, antiques, comics, and Indian artifacts.  Although I still own many of my early purchases, my real passion has always been in the world of sports.  I have a terrible addiction collecting sports cards and memorabilia.  Yes, I am one of those who sifts through thousands of listings on Ebay and still frequents sports card shows.

One of my favorite things to do is research what others collect.  Some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are those that include people showing off their personal collections.

Primarily, this blog post will focus on sports collectibles.  For those of you who love sports and/or entertainment collectibles, this will surely be the blog spot to join!  For those of you that are not big fans of sports...I will have posts for you too!

My blog will focus on the following topics:

  1. Supercollectors - This is a term used to describe people who collect with so much passion, they have to have everything!  I like to call them "organized hoarders" because their collections are GIGANTIC but extremely organized.  Supercollectors are proud of their "museum-like" displays (please note that I enjoy using " " throughout my posts).  What I hope to include in my posts are videos created by passionate collectors who would love to show off their labor...let's see what you have worked hard to collect!  If you have a video you would like to submit, please send your video to buckeyeprospect@yahoo.com and anyone taking the time to make a video will be posted!
  2. Secondary Market Report - I will routinely post the most interesting items for sale on the secondary market.  Again, most of the focus will be on sports collectibles, but you will see items from the world of toys, antiques, entertainment, etc.  If you have a particular collecting passion, send me a message at buckeyeprospect@yahoo.com and I will certainly consider making it a regular Market Report item!
  3. What's Hot, What's Not - Many items become hot collectibles for many different reasons, whether it be a new movie is releasing soon, it's a new toy fad, or unfortunately some hot collectibles begin when someone passes away.  So who is the next big sports prospect?
  4. News - It is very important to keep collectors up-to-date on the what, where, when, why, and how.  Want to know what big events are coming up?  Want some crazy auction news?  Want to see the coolest collectible items?  This segment will probably be your favorite spot to read.
Of course, I will be looking for more topics to cover and/or discover.  But whatever it is that you may collect, you might find some valuable information in the near future.  I will also be looking forward to carrying this blog spot on to bigger and brighter horizons...maybe a website dedicated to collectors with awesome forums!

Please make sure to sign up for my blogs.  Also, feel free to support this blog spot by checking out some of the sponsored listings on the page or visiting posted links.  Your support is appreciated and your help is always needed!

Thanks again for visiting The Collecting Fool's Blog Spot!  More to come very soon...join in!


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