Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sports Blog Ideas - Comments Welcome!

Well, to my first 5 subscribers...WELCOME!  Before submitting some marketing strategies for this site, I'm hoping to get some feedback on what you would like to see in this blog.  My plan is to include a release calendar, set checklists, box break videos, hobby news, secondary market items of interest, and supercollector highlights.  If any of you have ideas on what you would like to see, please feel free to comment (you can comment any time!).  I will, eventually, extend this blog into a website...leading to a hobby store (ala Blowoutcards or DA Card World)...of course, I hope to.  Also, if you have any ideas on promoting the site, please comment or email me at

Hope to hear some great ideas from the people who know best!  Thanks!


  1. I'd enjoy reading about your experiences as a collector, your perspective of things, and any personal insight you can share regarding your passion for the hobby. Thank you! Ryan

    1. Ryan,

      Thanks for the reply. That is certainly something I would like to include and look forward to sharing my experiences in the hobby, as well as, hearing from you! Thanks so much! The blog will heat up soon! Keep reading!


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